Built for automation.

Forget digging through reports and spreadsheets. FM Dashboard serves you the information you need, when you need it. Restaurants, convenience stores, and retail chains are switching to FM Dashboard because it’s incredibly easy to use. Combine that with our core values of service, fun, design, education, and constant improvement, and you’ve got it all. See for yourself why companies are signing up.

Best practices are baked in.

You’ll love the fact that FM Dashboard works the way you do. FM Dashboard is designed by facilities professionals, not programmers, so it speaks your language and follows your workflows. We are listening. Our most AMAZING features came straight from customer feedback. This is your equipment and facilities management application. We are just here to help.

It's everywhere you are.

FM Dashboard is 100% mobile. It lives on the web and goes with you everywhere. We work with Safari (Mac, iPhone/iPad), Chrome (Mac, PC, iPhone/iPad, Android), Firefox (Mac, PC), and IE9+ (PC, Surface). FM Dashboard even delivers you notifications via email so you never miss a thing.

No IT people needed.

FM Dashboard is built for the web, and it lives there too. There is absolutely nothing to download or install. Plus everything is completely secure since it uses the same web services as some of your favorite and most recognizable web applications. If everyone on your team has access to a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you have everything you need to use FM Dashboard.

Who else uses FM Dashboard?

FM Dashboard has won the hearts of cutting edge restaurant chains, established franchises, and small businesses looking to get an edge on their larger competition. We are focused on helping small restaurant, retail, and convenience store chains free their time from managing their facilities and equipment, so they can focus on growth.

Some additional reading.

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