Designed by Facilities Maintenance Professionals


The entire facilities maintenance application is based on one design so you can easily and seamlessly move from one action to the next. Forget having to go back to a main screen to start a new task.

  • View your work orders

  • See your action items

  • Add a new location or work order

  • Manage your contractors

  • View your locations on a map


Action Items and Notifications

Never miss an important work order decision. Action items highlight important decisions and help you easily take care of them. Notifications built in to the facilities maintenance application let you know what has changed.

  • NTE increase requests

  • Quote approvals

  • Invoice approvals

  • Un-assigned work orders

  • Status updates




Never lose important information in your email. All communication history is stored directly in the FM Dashboard facilities maintenance application work orders. Plus, each note automatically stores the date, time, and the name of the person who created the note.

  • Custom notes

  • Status updates

  • Contractor re-assigments

  • Any important information


Streamlined Quotes, NTE's and Invoicing


Every important work order management task is handled by FM Dashboard, all within one facilities maintenance application.

  • Streamlined invoicing

  • Quoting, approvals, and rejections

  • Built in NTE management


Additional Features

  • Preventative and recurring work orders (NEW)

  • Automated asset tracking (NEW)

  • Automated contractor selection

  • Automated NTE management

  • Automated follow up

  • Automated note entry

  • Automated action item list

  • Automated work order batching

  • Email and text notifications

  • Work order history

  • Easily find information

  • Notifications

  • Manage team member permissions

  • Unlimited users and location profiles

  • And more…

Each Feature Has a Purpose

You put time, care, and lots of thought into creating your brand to give your customers a great experience.

We did the same with our facilities maintenance application.Each feature, layout, and process is carefully considered to give you a simple, intuitive, and effective way to manage multi-site facilities.

And with automation, FM Dashboard goes one step ahead of you to make your job even easier.

Try it today for free.