Work On Your Maintenance Department, Not In It


This same advice is given to entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.  Here's the thought process behind the statement.The busier you are performing tasks to keep things going, the less time you have to work on the vision, systems, and plan to improve your business.put the work inThe same is true for your facilities maintenance department. Every department is a micro-organization within the company it serves.Your department has a purpose. It's responsible for maintaining the brand image and the ability of each location to operate.Your department has customers. Each of your stores relies on you to solve their issues.Your department has employees and vendors who must all work together to carry out your purpose.Your company exists to grow and drive sales. Because of this, the company you work for will look much different 1 year from now as it does today. So, your facilities maintenance department must evolve with it.

What does it mean to work on your maintenance department?

Have vision.In light of your company's growth goals for the next year, what will your department need to look like and be able to to do in order to thrive?What areas of your department need to improve?What pain points need to be relieved?Will the way you are managing your department now scale if you grow by 10, 20, or 50 percent?Identify the action items.What can you change now to stay ahead of the demands on your department?Are there procedures, tools, people, or software you can put into place right now that will help you?What can you do to free 1 hour of your time each week to make these improvements.Create a deadline and execute.Decide when you will complete your action items.Schedule time to do this. If your day is busy, set time outside normal ours. A small investment of time upfront will lead to big payoffs later.Finish, review, and reset.What worked?What didn't?What is needed next?Keep going.You must keep moving. The best way to ensure your long term success is to stay ahead of your demands.Imagine what your day will look like once you get your plan in place.Remind yourself what's at stake when you feel like working on your department is not worth it.