Why Contractors Need To Love Your Maintenance Software


A maintenance software is really only as good as the contractors you hire to do the work.locked outSeriously, you can pick out a maintenance software with all of the bells and whistles your program desires, but if your contractors have a hard time using it or there are fees involved, you are not going to get everything you need out of your new tool.Your contractors are your eyes and ears in the field. Most of the information you receive about your stores comes from them.If there is information in your maintenance software, 80% of the time, they were the source.If IVR time is accurate, it's because they complied.If you have notes, it's because they put them in there.Your service providers are a key part of the value you get out of a maintenance software. Because of this, they should love the system you decide to use.

What makes a maintenance software a contractor will love?


By far, this is the number one attribute of an application your contractors will love. It has to be easy to get in and use without a phone call to customer support or training webinar.  No one should have to click-through multiple pages to get to what they want. It should have email notifications and built-in reminders. The IVR messages should be clear and only offer relevant options instead of every status available in the system. It should be optimized for smartphone, tablet, and computer and work anywhere.


Do your contractors have to pay to use the system even if they were not the ones who chose it. This may sound ridiculous, but it's a trend right now. Contractors have to pay anywhere from $1.00 per invoice to over $35.00 per month to access limited functionality of  software their customers decided to use. You are told this is to keep costs down for you, but charges to suppliers and vendors come back to the ones paying the bill.

Communication Tools

What types of tools are available for the contractor to communication with their customers? Communication is a 2 way street. It can also be a headache for chain stores and contractors alike. Maintenance software should allow both sides to have access to information that answers questions without having to pick up the phone. Can you contractors see the status of their work orders in a similar way you are able to? If they can, they will spend more time in your maintenance software giving you valuable information and data about your stores.There is more. This covers the basics. When you are picking a maintenance software for your restaurant or retail chain, make sure you consider what the other side sees. It will make a significant difference in your experience.Please let us know if you would like to have more information about FM Dashboard. Just click the button below to schedule a demo.[button size="large" url="http://fmdashboard.com/free-demo" content="Get more information today"]Get more information today!