Why Are Facilities Apps Stuck on the PC?


You see it every day. More and more companies are embracing a remote workforce. Facilities managers don't just manage territories. You live and work in those territories too.calling in the carYou are given tablets and smartphones to manage email and work related documents, but what about mobile tools for managing work orders, contractors, and all of the quotes, NTE increases, and invoice approvals that go along with it?What ends up happening is you make decisions and approvals over the phone while you are out and about. Then you have to play catch-up and remember what you committed to when you get to where you are sleeping that night.This not only puts stress on you as a person, working long hours just to keep up. It also takes a toll on your bottom line since you are more likely to make a poor decision when you are not sitting in front of and actually looking at the information you need to do your job at the highest level.So we pose the question: If the workforce is mobile, if they are using mobile tools and working mobile jobs, why do facilities app creators keep their workflow stuck on the PC?FM Dashboard is web-based and built on responsive web design technology. It's the future of how websites are built so they will be ready for the growing list of devices and screen sizes being created. We chose to create our application to work on any device instead of creating a "mobile version" of the application. It's at home on your small screen and your big screen because it's designed for both of them with full functionality.If you are paying attention to what we are doing, stay tuned. It's getting even better. While our competitors are figuring out how to make mobile work, we already have the foundation in place to actually bring them to life.We are all trying to push our industry forward, right? Why settle for the tired and bloated tools of the past when there is a better, more forward thinking option.Those innovative facilities managers who have the foresight to jump on a work order platform while it's on its way up are the ones seeing the biggest rewards. You get to decide if you are one of the first or not.Our mission is to make work order management easy for chain stores and contractors through well-designed, easy-to-use technology.[button size="large" url="http://fmdashboard.com/video-overview/" content="Watch a video or sign up for a demo now"]