What To Do When There's Too Much To Do


Facility Maintenance is busy. There are those days, weeks, and seasons where work keeps coming at you. When you can’t seem to catch up.What happens during these times? How do you keep up?You may choose to start with the oldest first. You start hacking away, first-come-first-served style.You may take care of the loudest issues first. You get them off your plate and the noise associated with them goes away.Maybe you focus on the urgent, the work with the tightest deadline.Or maybe you curl up in a ball under your desk and pray everything will take care of itself.Why not focus on the important, the work that makes the biggest impact?Facility Maintenance is a very reactive industry by nature. You spend your days fixing what is broken and cleaning what is dirty. While this is necessary, and even urgent, it is not what is the most impactful.Think about Tetris. Blocks come falling from the sky. You get to decide where to put them. Your decision about where you place the blocks makes the difference.You can place them in the order to received them.You can put the biggest blocks in one area.You can place them in the quickest location you can find.You can ignore them altogether.Or…you can put them where they make the most sense, creating a horizontal line, getting rid of a row of blocks all at once. This is the most impactful decision.So instead of focusing on the oldest, the loudest, or the most urgent, determine what is the most impactful.One more note. This is even more important when you are not busy. When you have time to spend however you want, focus on the most important way you can spend it.We created FM Dashboard to automate your maintenance work flow. This means our software takes care of the urgent problems in the background so you can work on the important.Want to find out more. Schedule a demo.