We Don't Need Another Maintenance Management Software


We need a new kind of maintenance software.CMMS is all over the place. You can get it virtually hosted in the cloud, self-hosted, from enterprise companies, SaaS companies. We don’t need another one.So why are are building FM Dashboard? That’s a great question.Maintenance management software companies have gotten lazy. They built all of the tracking, reporting, invoicing, quoting, dispatching, functions of their software and stopped.Do these systems save time? Yes.Do they help facility managers perform their jobs better? Yes.Are they as good as they can be? Not all. This is where we come in.FM Dashboard is the first maintenance automation software for chain store facility professionals.Facility managers have told us they are continuing to have to do more with less. There is more work than time. More expenses than money.Maintenance issues consume your work day. Paperwork takes up your evenings. You know exactly what you need to do in order to fix the problems you are working on. The only issue is you don’t have the time. It’s a double edge sword.It’s hard to be proactive when you spend your whole day reacting.FM Dashboard’s maintenance automation software is the answer.What is automation software?Automation software is designed to perform administrative tasks for you so you. This allows you to focus on the tasks that only you can do.This is different from management software. Management software only focuses on what you can do with a system. It takes the information you enter and displays it back to you. You still need to perform the tasks. It’s like an Ikea warehouse. Everything is systematically organized and easy to find, but you have to assemble it all  yourself.With automation software you get everything a management software offers plus a system that performs most of the tasks on your behalf. It’s the Ikea warehouse plus free in-home installation.Are you tired of spending your whole day reacting? If so, let’s talk about how FM Dashboard can help you. Or better yet, see it for yourself.