Value - Why?


You have to understand the why behind the what.Problem solving and logic are the 2 most valuable skills we look for in team members at FM Dashboard. Honestly, these skills are far more important than industry knowledge or experience.This is why: Great problem solvers don't get hung up when they have never done something before. They figure it out.This is important for us at FM Dashboard because we are building a new and better kind of facility maintenance software. We are constantly thinking through the next phases and features of our application as if work order management software has never been created before.We don't want to be clouded by "that's not the way we have always done it" thinking. We want a fresh approach to the problem.We simply cannot rely on people who aren't creative, forward thinkers because we are not building just another maintenance software.Here's our fourth value: Ask "why?" first.We start with why. Why are we building this feature? Why are we choosing this layout? Once "why" is answered, we can move on what.We are building a company full of "why" thinkers so we can bring you software that makes your facility maintenance job simpler.If you work for a chain store and would like to see FM Dashboard, you can request a free demo here.