Value - Leaders Serve


This post is part 1 of our launch series where we are giving you a behind the scenes look at the work and thought processes that went in to create the first maintenance automation software for chain store facilities professionals.The most successful companies are the ones who figure out how to be the most helpful.I believe this statement in the core of my being. As a customer service leader I preach this to my team on a daily basis. The better we help others, the more business we earn.This is as true for a supplier, contractor, or professional services provider as it is for facility maintenance professionals and chain store companies.The companies who serve the needs of their customers best are the ones who win.

Our first core value is this: Leaders serve.

If you are reading this, you are most likely in a leadership position. Many people confuse management and leadership. These two functions definitely overlap, but they are very different.Managers make sure processes and systems are carried out correctly.Leaders go out in front and create processes and systems to make it easier for the people they lead.Management is an authoritative position.Leadership is a service position.At FM Dashboard, we protect this value with vigor. No one makes it who isn’t focused on serving others.We are a company who is going out in front of the pack. We are rethinking how facility maintenance software works as an automation tool. Our product frees managers and leaders to be able to focus on leading instead of reacting. We are focused on helping our customers improve their programs, their careers and their lives.We have no room for selfish interest or ego.Let us know if you would like more information about our work order automation software. Sign up for a free demo.