Value - Fun


People Like Working with Fun PeopleThis is the second post about our company values. Make sure you go back and read about our first value, leaders serve.This one is pretty self explanatory. People like working with fun people.Every business or organization has a personality. Usually it develops organically because organizations tend to resemble their leader.If a leader is serious. The organization is serious.If a leader is stubborn. The organization is stubborn.If a leader is selfish. The organizations is selfish.We like having fun. We are fun people. This doesn’t mean all we do is play around. We just like to enjoy ourselves no matter what we are doing.We decided, since our company is going to have a personality no matter what, we might as well be intentional about what personality it has.Just like our other values, we guard this one.Here are some ways we protect our company from losing it’s fun personality.

  1. No gossip. Gossip kills morale and productivity. It’s not tolerated.
  2. No grudges. We handle disagreements immediately and with grace.
  3. Play music. It doesn’t matter what. There just better be music.
  4. Be flexible. Our team has flexibility to decide how they get work done so they can manage their life. There is no such thing as a separate work life and personal life. One blends into the other.

In the end, everyone wins. We get to work with fun people. Fun people get to work with us. This also ties into one of our other values, leaders serve. It is our way of helping to make it better for those who come behind us.Do you like what you see? That’s great. Feel free to take any of this for yourself. Your company or facilities department has a personality too. Why not be intentional about it?