Value - Design


Design is imperative. This value is the idea responsible for driving us to create a better kind of facility maintenance software.Warning: this will be one of my more opinionated posts.Design is so important.For some reason, the enterprise software industry forgets this. Spend 5 minutes looking around the internet. Most software companies don’t even show you screenshots of their product.They would rather hide behind a “value add” sales process. They spend weeks and months showing you how well they understand your needs. They take up tons of time building you up for their price reveal with the hopes that you are too invested and too far down the road to start over.Finally, they deliver a product that looks like Windows ’95 threw up on it.Why? It’s certainly not because a lack of resources.Design isn’t just about the way things look. It has just as much to do about the way a software works. Great design thinks about how a product is used. It looks for ways to make thinks simpler and quicker. Great design removes unnecessary steps. It puts features where you need them and removes them where you don’t need them.Great design resists bloat. It resists confusion. It takes away the learning curve because the product becomes intuitive and just works.The companies that WIN do 2 things well.They offer an incredible experience by designing every interaction, both visual and experiential. AND...they give more in value than they take in payment.This HAS TO BE the focus. It is for us.Anyone can hack together something and fool enough people for a while. We see this happening all over the facilities maintenance industry.Think about the way you design your facility maintenance work systems and work flows. Do you think about how each step affects the next? Do you look for ways to make the process smoother for your team and for your contractors?We did this for you.Great design takes more time up front, and it pays dividends later. It saves you time. It makes your job simpler. It saves you money. It reduces stress. It adds value.When we started FM Dashboard, we thought...what would happen if chain store facility managers were presented with a better option like this?So, we built FM Dashboard on great design.Want to take a look? Check out our features. Or better yet, sign up for a free demo and see it yourself.