Two Facility Maintenance Documents You Must Have


Welcome to part 5 of our series on NTE basics. We have talked about why NTE’s are a useful tool, the 3 most common NTE objections, strategies for determining the best NTE for your program, and some great strategies for finding contractors.documentsIn this post we will focus on the 2 facility maintenance documents you must have in order to run an effective NTE based program.

1. You Must Have A Work Order

Make sure you have the following information:

  • location number
  • location address
  • location phone
  • location manager
  • the name of the person who requested the repair
  • a work order or purchase order number
  • the NTE
  • a thorough description of the problem

You need to provide all of this information to your contractor. It will give them the best starting ground to serve you because they will not have to hunt for information.You will also want to consider providing some additional information if you have access to it, such as:

  • equipment make and model
  • warranty contact
  • contact for technical support (EMS panels)
  • replacement specifications
  • paint and other finish specifications

The more information you are able to provide, the more likely you will be to keep your costs down. Think about it this way. Would you rather your contractor spend time chasing down information you already have or fixing the problem?

2. You Must Require A Signoff

This document will verify the work performed, time spent, and material used to make the repair at your store. It is something either you or your contractor can provide. Most chain store maintenance programs require their contractors to provide them. You should make the following information mandatory.

  • all of the information you provided in your work order
  • a thorough description of the work performed
  • a list of the material used to make the repair
  • the status of project
    • complete
    • need to quote
    • need to return
    • need to order material
    • any other appropriate status
  • a manager satisfaction statement
  • the time spent on site
  • the date(s) spent on site
  • the managers signature of approval
  • the store stamp (if appropriate)

These two facility maintenance documents are absolutely necessary to manage a successful NTE program. Do not dispatch a work order without sending a work order. Do not accept an invoice without a store-signed signoff.