Top 3 Objections for Not Using NTE's


NTE's are an incredibly valuable tool for effectively managing a facility maintenance program. Still many chain stores are leery of implementing them into their program. These are the top 3 NTE objections and misconceptions about NTE’s.

  1. My contractors will take advantage of me.

True, there are certainly contractors that take advantage of their customers. My question is this. Why do you have a contractor like that working for you?Second, there are checks and balances you can put in place in your work flow to keep track of hours on site and material cost. We will cover these in a future post.

  1. I won’t know what is going on with my work orders.

Track NTE's with FM Dashboard Action ItemsAn NTE is a single tool among many resources. Setting clearly defined communication requirements for your contractors and your team will do the trick. Be sure to place timelines based on the level of importance. For example, you need to know the moment an emergency is repaired, but a routine call may be fine to include on a weekly report.FM Dashboard’s automation features take care of all of this for you. They even alert you when deadlines are missed.

  1. I don’t know if I am getting the best prices.

This is symptom of vetting contractors, not the NTE itself. There are several ways to set up the program correctly including RFP's for rates, monitoring average invoices across the board, and having multiple contractors. Also, ask your peers for invoice benchmarks based on trade and specific repair.If you are not currently using an NTE based maintenance program, consider doing in a trial in a selection of your stores. Track the time and money you spend managing those stores versus your other stores to see if it makes sense to switch.