This Is What Sets Forward Thinking Companies Apart


I am so impressed with the business owners, executives, and facilities professionals I have spoken to over the last few weeks. Want to know why?forward thinkingOur industry is full of people who are looking for a better way to do what they are already doing. Seriously! A drive for constant improvement is consistent from each company with to the next one.Here's the deal. FM Dashboard is focussed on helping growing retail and restaurant companies.Here is what we have noticed about the forward thinking professionals we have spoken to.Forward thinking companies see problems before they are actual problems. In this case, they may be all over what is going on in their facilities departments now, but they know what they are doing won't scale. They would rather learn and put the proper systems in place before it is absolutely mandatory for them to do so.Forward thinking companies are willing to look at how to adapt their current standard practices to a better one instead of trying to force a solution into the way they are doing things.Forward thinking companies are looking for vendors who will grow with them instead of settling on vendors who refuse to embrace technology.Forward thinking companies take calculated risks because they have the vision to see what's at stake if they don't and become complacent.We love working with companies in this growth stage. We love the entrepreneurial spirit and drive they possess. We love how they are motivated by growth and improvement instead of comfort and complacency.So to those of you who I have spoken to...thank you. You inspire me, and you help our growing company improve.If you are a forward thinking retail or restaurant chain, and you are interested in learning about how FM Dashboard can help you optimize or start your facilities maintenance program, schedule a demo with me.[button size="large" url="" content="click here to schedule your demo »"] can check out a video of our product at would love to learn about your company and help you.