The FM Dashboard CMMS Vision


visionOur goal: We want to help make work order management easy for chain stores and their contractors through simple and affordable CMMS.The result is a CMMS so simple and effective, we guarantee savings or give you your money back.We created FM Dashboard around this idea:We do this in 3 ways:

  1. Automate repetitive tasks
  2. Build in all communication
  3. Organize for savings

Traditional CMMS and work order management software is bloated, complicated, made up of too many features that are never used. Most are too expensive for most small chain stores to actually add value.Think about it. Out of those of you who are reading this who have a CMMS, how many of you use 100% of the features offered? How many of you understand how to use 100% of the features? How many of you know about 100% of the features in your CMMS?Let me let you in on a secret, you're still paying for them.CMMS systems get bloated the same way people gain weight: a little over time. These software companies think, it's just one little feature, and before they know it, their system moves too slow, and they can't recognizing it any more.This is a problem. Each one of those features requires support. Each requires updates. Each has to be fixed when another feature is added and breaks it. It doesn't just sit there on its own. It affects everything, including the cost to you.Feature bloat is expensive. It costs you time waiting for your page to load. It costs you time waiting for the support team to respond to you. Most importantly, it costs you money because these CMMS companies have to employ more people to support you and the software.In the end, you may have a product with hundreds of features. The problem is it is more complicated and more expensive.

FM Dashboard is different.

It is set up with focus on the right features for you. Even though we are new and building our business, we have already told our prospects no on several occasions. Guess what? They are still interested in moving forward. Why? Because we built something that is great at doing what it is supposed to do.

Simple doesn't mean limited.

Simple means a CMMS built on what is important: Make work order management easier for chain stores and saving them money in the process.Want to see how FM Dashboard will make your job easier? Ask us for a demo. We love showing it off.[button size="large" url="" content="Schedule a demo"]