The Early Prototypes


We have come a long way from when FM Dashboard was just a pipe dream. I stumbled on some old notebooks today that held our notes, sketches, plans, and ideas for what FM Dashboard would eventually become.You see, we have never been completely satisfied with the software chain store facilities managers had access to. We found it bloated, complicated, and visually unappealing. So, we began to dream of a better way to do it.We paid attention to what we heard our customers say about their software for over 2 years. We asked them about the features they actually used. What they liked and disliked about their CMMS. What they wish they had, that no one was getting right.After all of this dreaming we decided to actually to something about it. These photos are from the early days of FM Dashboard, before it even had a name.While looking at these, it's amazing to think about where we are at now.Early FM Dashboard Artifacts Early FM Dashboard Sketches First HTML mockup for FM Dashboard[button size="large" url="" content="watch a video to see what FM Dashboard looks like now"]