21 Questions For Setting Up A Facilities Issues System


Work flow is simply a system which outlines the stages a facilities issue goes through, from the time an issue is reported, to the time the invoice is approved.In an earlier post, we said the best way to build a facilities maintenance mindset into your company culture is to get everyone involved. Put your group together and start making some decisions about your new facilities maintenance work flow.

What to think about when managing facilities issues:

  1. Who reports the facilities issue and to whom do they report it?
  2. Will you manage your facilities program from the corporate office or let store managers manage their own repairs?
  3. Who decides which contractor will make the repair?
  4. How does the contractor receive a request for service? Email? Phone call? Fax? Smoke signal?
  5. What information is the contractor given when you make the request for service?
  6. Will you require a written document stating what repairs were completed?
  7. Will you require photos of the facilities issue and repairs?
  8. Where will you store all of this information?
  9. Will you be using a work order management application, or will you settle for email and a spreadsheet?
  10. What hourly rates are you willing to pay your contractors?
  11.  How much will you accepts as markup on material?
  12. How do you determine how much you will pay for the repair?
  13. Do you use an not to exceed based program or a quote based program? (We believe NTE based systems are the way to go. You can go here to learn more.)
  14. How do you make sure the contractor is honest about what is on the invoice?
  15. What information is required for the invoice?
  16. Who approves quotes?
  17. How do you keep track of the status of work orders?
  18. How do you keep track of the work order history for a location?
  19. How do you keep track of work that should be covered under a warranty?
  20. What documents do you require with the invoice?
  21. Who makes all of these decisions?

This is not an all encompassing list of questions, but these should be enough to get your creative thinking muscles going.