Why You Need Facilities Maintenance Processes


We see it all of the time. Facilities maintenance is not generally seen as a direct cost to a chain's product or brand. The result is it does not get the attention it deserves and facilities maintenance processes never get put into place.riding a bikeWe have studied that data. The best run facilities programs put the most effort into their processes. They spend less time reacting because they have systems that automate the process. Then they spend their time looking at the data and tweaking their processes based on the information they have. They can put effort into building relationships with their vendors and suppliers which ultimately increase service levels and affords them better pricing. These companies are also the ones who have the lowest facilities costs per square foot.The other side is the groups that react. Every new issue is dealt with individually as it comes up. These organizations do things the way they have always done them because it's familiar. The result is higher costs, high vendor and supplier turnover, finger-pointing, high stress, and the constant feeling of being overworked.How much effort have you put into the systems behind your company's indirect costs?What repairs are a true emergency where you are willing to pay time and a half to have repaired? Are you deciding in the moment?How often are employees at your door asking for your decision about issues that seem simple to you? Or worse, how often are you at your boss's door asking for their decision about something that seems simple to you because you are afraid of their reaction if you don't?Who gets after hours calls?What is the maximum repair each member of your staff is able to approve?What are the steps a work order goes through from creation to payment?What information and data do you need to gather along the way?These are just a handful of the hundreds of questions you should have pre-answered and formalized in your organization.You need facilities maintenance processes. Without them you will...

  • spend most of your time reacting.
  • always wonder where your time went.
  • spend TOO MUCH MONEY on repairs.
  • make more errors.
  • overlook critical items.
  • be disorganized and ineffective.

Listen...what I am about to tell you is something most people don't realize or believe, but it is true. You get to make a decision about the way you work and live. You don't need permission to make things better. You just need to decide, act, and then accept responsibility for the outcome.