Let's Talk About Automation


Short version: The hard part of automation is to admit there is work you do that anyone is able to do. But, imagine what you can do with the extra time.anyone can do thisThis post about batching and automating received some pretty good feedback around LinkedIn and other social channels. Most said, the idea sounded great, but how do you actually implement it.It's a great question, and the answer depends on your exact situation.The truth is, automation is difficult to do.The first reason is because you have to look at tasks you are paid do everyday and admit to yourself that anyone can do them, even a software program. It's not fun to think about our work in this way. The fact is, however, you grow by admitting you are not a necessary part of every task on your plate. In fact, if you are a leader, your value lies in your ability to solve problems, not in your ability to perform tasks. When you free yourself from tasks which can be automated, you also free your time to work on projects that will take your maintenance program and your career further.The second reason automation is difficult to start is because you have to put the system in place. This takes time. Your day moves quickly and the problems coming your way move even faster. When do you find the time to set everything up? I understand this fear completely. You are worried that if you stop working on the urgent little tasks to put an important system together, all of those tasks will just pile up. Let's address this fear. They will pile up. But, the system you put in place will catch you up because you will be able to work faster. In fact, if you really do a good job, your process could actually work while you are working on other things. How awesome is that?Warning: This next part is a pitch where I will tell you about a feature of our software and ask you to sign up for a demo.FM Dashboard has automation built-in to help you. If you feel like you are constantly on the phone with contractors, techs, and store managers, if you have an email box that grows faster than you can read, if you wish you could stop babysitting work orders, we can help you.Ask for a demo. We love to show off what we have built. Even more, we love freeing your time so you can focus on the work that will take you and your program to the next level.[button size="large" url="http://fmdashboard.com/free-demo" content="Sign up for a demo"]