How To Get A Promotion


Are you trying to get a promotion? Decide to be a leader.leaderA leader is not a boss or a manager or a business owner. Leaders are individuals who take it upon themselves to take on more responsibility than what is given to them. There are not enough leaders.Leaders do not wait around for a task to be assigned to them. Instead, when they see an opportunity, they raise their hand and say, I'll take this one.Leaders don't say, "I can't do that because my boss won't let me," because they know what they are really saying is no one else will take responsibility if this doesn't go right.Leaders don't worry about what they don't know. They learn how to know it. Even better, find someone who does know it, and they get help.Leaders don't take credit. They find ways to give credit.Leaders don't work alone. They thrive in a team.Leaders don't accept the status quo. They have vision, and look for new techniques and tools to get the job done.Leaders don't quit. They find a better path when the one they are on is not taking them to where they are going.Most of all, leaders go first and inspire others to come with them.If you want to get a promotion you have to prove you can perform at that level before you are given permission. Stop waiting to be picked from a crowd. Stand up and be a leader.FM Dashboard makes maintenance management and work order automation software that keeps facilities managers more informed and more effective. We would love to show it to you. Just sign up for a demo.[button size="large" url="" content="Schedule your free demo"]