Focusing on the Right Things


What are the metrics that truly matter to your facilities program?You can create a report for any and every imaginable combination of data you collect with today’s technology. The question is, “What is worth tracking?”The answer to this question varies.First, define your goal. Second, only pay attention to the data that matters.

What’s your goal?

Is it to reduce costs?Is it to improve facility conditions?Is it to reduce equipment down time?Is it to decrease the amount of trips to your sites for repairs?

What should you be paying attention to?

Whatever your goals are, you need to make sure you are watching the right metrics.It does not matter how many work orders are issued across your entire portfolio if your main goal is to make sure every facility is in pristine condition.And, average invoice probably plays a bigger role in cost reduction than hourly rates.

Ignore the rest.

Focus is just as much about what you chose to ignore as it is about where you chose to focus. Once you pick the metrics that matter for your goal, ignore the others because they don’t matter.It’s easy to get lost in the surplus of choices you have at your disposal.