FM Gets Overlooked As A Career Opportunity


We work in an incredible industry right? Think about it.Is there another industry as recession resistant as facility maintenance? No matter what, things are breaking and facilities need to be cleaned. Sure less money might be spent, but money is still being spent somewhere. I like to tell my team, "Toilets clog no matter what the unemployment rate is."Or what about the facility maintenance community. Anyone who hangs around for longer than 3 years is most likely one person away from any other person in the industry.Bottom line is this…facilities maintenance is a great industry to be a part of.Still facility maintenance gets overlooked. I was reminded about this today when I saw this post about weirdly awesome retail jobs. I understand that FM may not be a weirdly awesome job, but answer this.How often does our industry get talked about as a career opportunity?The facility maintenance industry is huge.How huge?According to Freedonia it will grow from $143 billion to over $170 billion by 2017.There are a ton of jobs in a $143 billion industry. And, there will be even more jobs when it grows by over $27 billion. So why isn’t it talked about?Here is my thought. Facility maintenance isn’t sexy. In a culture of earn-a-degree-and-you-will-be-handed-a-cush-job mindset, FM just seems to be beneath the majority of the population. Why?It’s our own fault.Friends, we have a PR problem.As long as we sit around and wait for people to happen upon our industry before they fall in love with it, we will continue to have this problem.We have awesome jobs too.Retail has diving for pearls. We have helicopters dropping RTU’s on buildings.Retail has iPhone app designers. We have engineers developing ways to reduce retail’s drain on our energy systems.The list goes on.What is even greater is our FM jobs are actually retail jobs. Retail would not exist without people to keep things running, and we would not be here without people to sell products.Here is my point. Let’s fix our image problem. Let’s help our unemployment problem by attracting young talent to our industry. Let’s change the mindset of our culture. If we are an industry that is beneath other industries, it is only because we are holding them up.