Introducing the Facilities Maintenance Savings Guarantee


FM Dashboard guarantees a facilities maintenance spend reduction in the first year or it's free. You get the most easy-to-use maintenance management software out there. Plus, if we can't make the guarantee, you get to use FM Dashboard for free.You may think we are crazy. You may not be able to figure out how we are able to do this. All we can say is there is only one way to find out.Try us out. If we are wrong, FM Dashboard is free.[button size="large" url="" content="Schedule a demo or keep reading"]You are a facilities manager. You have heard every pitch there is about savings and cost cutting, right? We understand.Most of these facilities maintenance savings "guarantees" involve significant outsourcing, budget-buying, forfeiting your contractor relationships and other tactics which leave you out of touch and out of control with your brands' facilities management pass on the offer. At the end of the day, the risk outweighs the reward. Who wants to forfeit control of one of the most important aspects of a restaurant or retail's facility?

FM Dashboard delivers facilities maintenance savings without any outsourcing of your management whatsoever.

The best run facilities maintenance programs are managed and controlled in-house. In fact, we learned everything we know about well run facilities maintenance programs from these in-house facilities managers. Outsourced management is just not necessary whatsoever.

  • Keep your team.
  • Keep your contractors.
  • Keep your control and influence
  • Most importantly...keep your job.

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Why are we doing this?

FM Dashboard is here to add value for you and your company...lots and lots of value. We did not want to settle for being the most easy-to-use work order application. We did not want to settle for being the fastest web-based maintenance management software. We did not want to stop at being better looking (ahem, we are talking about our software).No. We want to add the most value to our customers. We want to shake up the maintenance management software industry.We did the hard work of figuring out how to deliver facilities maintenance savings...real, actual, guaranteed savings.We want to help you be a hero at work. Give us a shot.[button size="large" url="" content="Schedule a demo and get your proposal"]