Don't Let Your Facilities Department Get Outsourced


The biggest threat to a facilities manager’s job is within the facilities industry itself.Here is a common scenario: The finance team gets a call from a company who promises significant savings for their facilities. All they have to do is give them total control over their facilities spend.I was speaking with a facility manager the other day. They were working on developing their field managed facilities department into a centrally managed program. This is a common situation chain stores and restaurants face as they grow past 25 locations and increase the territory between their stores.One option this company was considering is a complete outsourcing for their facilities. This means every single facilities related function would be handled by another company.At FM Dashboard, we believe the best run facilities departments are managed in-house. There is nothing wrong with hiring a consolidator or a contractor who subs to local contractors on your behalf. However, forfeiting control all together is problematic.

We believe the best run facilities departments are managed in-house.

First of all, you give up control of your brand. You and your chain store worked hard to create an environment to reflect your company culture. Why forfeit the decisions about your facilities to another company?Second, you will have less influence over the contractors who are performing the work. When you lose the direct communication with the people who are doing the work, you forfeit the relationship that comes along with it. Relationships are based in trust. Trust builds loyalty. Loyalty creates better service.Third, you lose the ability to make the changes you decide are necessary. What if you need to take the department in a different direction? It is much easier to steer when you are in the driver’s seat.This is important. FM Dashboard gives you the tools to manage your facilities programs the way you see fit. We are not a call center. We do not get in between you and your contractors. We are here for one reason, to make you a more informed and more effective facilities manager.[button size="large" url="" content="Click this link to schedule your demo"]