This Is For The Change Makers


This post is for all of you change makers who know there is a better way, and you are fighting to make it happen.change makerIt's for you who works to improve your department, your company, your teams, and your industry.It's for you who stands up first and who isn't afraid to take the risk.It's for you who puts action behind your ideas.This is for you who has decided to take the responsibility of innovation and who has worked to lead others along.You have been this way for as long as you can remember.On the playground, you were the one everyone else counted on to decide the rules of the game.In school, you raised your hand. You spoke up. You took the lead on group projects.You started clubs and organized parties. You came up with the plans.In meetings, you can't help but speak up with your opinions.It isn't always easy.Sometimes...You bang into walls.You get critiqued and ridiculed.You are misunderstood.You can't figure out why everyone around you doesn't care at the same level as you.But instead of getting angry. Instead of giving up. Instead of deciding it's not worth it...You dig in.You find another way...a better way.Because you are a change maker, you can't help but work to improve what you see.We are here for you, my friend. We are rooting for you. We want to help you.Go and make some change.