Batch and Automate To Get More Done


Do you feel like this is your job?putting out firesAre you tired of feeling like you have an unrelenting stream of work coming at you? Want to know the secret to get more done?Two words: Batch and Automate


Let’s say you have to 98 invoices to approve, 47 quotes to review, and 17 phone calls to return. Don’t work on 3 quotes then switch to a couple of invoices before returning a couple of phone calls. If you do, you will be more unproductive than a session of Congress.Instead, group like tasks together and knock them out at one time. Shut off all distractions and get it done. You can also try setting entire days (or blocks of days) dedicated for completion certain tasks. Put this time on the calendar and let your team know you have dedicated this specific time to get work done.Even better, put a timer on it. There is nothing like a deadline to motivate you to complete a task. I love for this. Just set a time in the counter and hit enter. Your web browser alerts you when the time is up.But I have so much to do, how can I possibly get to it all.First, check out these 2 posts about prioritization:

  1. What To Do When There’s To Much To Do
  2. What Do You Even Do All Day?

Second, you have to automate.


This is where your creative problem solving has to quick in. Let’s look at the·to·mateverbconvert (a process or facility) to largely automatic operationThe easiest way to automate is with a software that does it for you. (Hey! We know of a great one. You should check it out.) But, you can automate without software through pre-made decisions.Decide ahead of time how you will decide for repetitive tasks. This will allow you to go on decision auto-pilot. You will get wired in like that dude from The Social Network. Nothing will stop you from taking down task over task.Back to the software though, imagine being able to make those pre-made decisions and let a software handle the work for you. Like handle, lots and lots of work for you. What else could you do with your time? (Seriously…we know an application that can help you out.)So, that’s it folks. Batch and automate to get more done in less time.