Why Asset Tracking Software Turns You Into A Babysitter And How To Fix That


Asset tracking is powerful and necessary. There is no doubt.asset trackingAn asset tracking software database holds every piece of information you need to know what equipment you have, where it is, and what work has been performed on it. This is perfect right?


What is the point of having all of your data if you still have to comb through it? And let's face it. You are busy. There is way too much going on to analyze reports during the day. You always end up working on your reports after hours when your phone and email aren't blowing up.In this industry, there are no off hours. There is little free time. So why are you working with systems and tools that create more work for you.We want to to show you how FM Dashboard handles asset tracking so you will never need to go hunting through a report again.But, we can't show you in a video or tell you about it on this post because we are working on patenting the process. We need to show you live.

  • If you are tired of feeling like a babysitter, constantly checking in  on your assets to see if you can find trends
  • If you would rather have a tool that gives you the information you need to know when you need it
  • If you are ready to spend just 60 minutes to see what we have built for you

Sign up to see a demo. The button below will take you to a form that let's you pick the available time and date that works perfectly for you.[button size="large" url="http://fmdashboard.com/asset-tracking" content="Sign up for your asset tracking automation demo"]You are way too busy to babysit the equipment at your facilities. The good news is there is a better way to track your assets and stay more informed and more effective. Take a look at the better way.