7 Reasons You'll Hate FM Dashboard


Instead of making a list of all the reason you will love our application for  facilities maintenance work order management, we decided to get together and make a list of the reason you will hate FM Dashboard. Here it goes.

Reason # 1: You Love Making Things Unnecessarily Difficult

You look at life and think, “How can I add more drama and stress?” You play un-tuned guitars. It’s not enough to take the stairs. No, you also put on a blindfold and walk  backwards.

Reason # 2: You Love To Be Confused

You prefer life to be like an unsolvable Sudoku puzzle. You pursue relationships with people who never tell you what they want but are always upset. You never look at maps or directions. You think more movies should end like Mission Impossible and Inception.

Reason # 3: You Love Risk

You scatter thumb tacks all over your floor every night before you go to bet because you want waking up to go to the bathroom to be an exciting adventure and pain filled event. You were the kid in high school who dared people to put staples in your arms.

Reason # 3: You Love To Waste Money

You cash your paycheck into dollar bills, then proceed to make it rain on everyone on your way out of the bank. Your house looks like an “As Seen On TV” showroom. You turn on all the lights and faucets before you head out to work in the morning.

Reason # 4: You Love More Work

You used to steal your siblings chores, but you let them keep the money. You always volunteer for data entry. If you have the choice between a free beach vacation and digging a hole in the ground, you choose the hole in the ground. You haven’t seen your kids in 13 years.

Reason # 5: You Love Old Technology

What’s a CD player? You’re can’t wait for this internet fad to pass. You will never give up you Windows 95 computer…ever! You’re constantly frustrated by the office supply store’s lack of Rolodex stock.

Reason # 6: You Love Waiting

You are so excited by going to the DMV you renew your driver's license twice a year. You prefer dial-up over broadband because patience is a virtue. Rush hour is your happy place.

Reason # 7: You Love The Idea of Being Outsourced

You long for the day HR shows up to you desk with a box and a security guard. The idea of a foreign call center representative taking your place fills you with sunshine. You love filling out unemployment forms.If any or all of the above gets you excited, do not call us. You will hate our application.But…if none of the above statements sound like you, you will love FM Dashboard.It’s easy to use, simple and intuitive, has a money back guarantee, affordable, full of automation features, built for the web, fast and quick to implement, and keeps you in control of your facilities management.[button size="large" url="http://fmdashboard.com/video-overview" content="Watch a video of FM Dashboard"]