Our 5 Must See PRSM2014 Education Sessions


PRSM2014 is right around the corner, and we are very excited. This show is an incredible way to see old friends and meet new ones.PRSM2014 Home Page Screen ShotAlmost as important as the relationships you get to build at PRSM2014 is the chance you get to learn. The PRSM team and board really does a great job of putting together a quality of line up of sessions for retailers and vendors alike.That being said, here are the 5 must see PRSM2014 education sessions that I will not miss.

Vendor Workshop: How to Become the Preferred Vendor

I am passionate about this topic and have even share my thought about the top 3 things facilities managers want from their vendors. I am very interested in hearing from other points of view to expand and maybe even change my view on this topic.

Actionable Knowledge: Smart Data, Smarter Decisions

Data collection and management will a play a HUGE role in the future of facilities management. I am very happy to see this come up again this year at PRSM2014. We talked about this topic here on the FM Dashboard blog in "What Are You Going To Do With That Data?"

Overcome the Overwhelm: Strategies and Tactics to Do Less and Accomplish More

This is another topic we are passionate about because our mission is help make facilities management easier for chain stores and contractors. Facilities managers have a ton on their plate. I am excited to see PRSM2014 will address this topic head on. Here are some posts we have had on this subject: Batch and Automate To Get More Done, Work On Your Maintenance Department, Not In It, Let's Talk About Automation, What To Do When There's Too Much To Do, and the NTE Series.

Maintaining Aging Equipment and Infrastructure without Breaking the Bank

Asset tracking and equipment management becomes more and more important as facilities age. While we offer a strong asset tracking feature-set, we are very excited to learn some ways to make it better.

Building a Better Maintenance Team

This is very exciting topic, especially if you are in a position where you are putting together a maintenance program or if you are positioning your department to scale for growth.You can see the entire education and conference schedule over on the PRSM website and download the event schedule.See you in a few weeks!ONE MORE THING: Would you like to see an in-person demo of FM Dashboard at the PRSM2014 Conference? We will be there showing off our retail and contractor versions of our work order automation software.Click here to schedule an in person demoClick here to schedule an in-person demo.