5 FREE Tools Everyone In The Facilities Maintenance Industry Should Be Using


Hey everyone! While you have your head down managing your facilities maintenance, the FM Dashboard team is hard at work staying on top of technology that will help you...even if it's not FM Dashboard.toolsThis is a quick post on 5 awesome tools you should be using right now if you work in the facilities maintenance industry. Plus...the are all free!

1. Help Scout

Do you have a ton of email coming into your department that needs to be shared across multiple people? Of course you do. The facilities maintenance industry is driven by teams of people working together. Help Scout is your answer. In fact, FM Dashboard uses this tool to support our customers. We always know which emails have been answered, what was done with them, and we can easily assign a task to another team member. Plus it's free for 1 inbox and up to 3 users. Check it out at https://www.helpscout.net/ and click on pricing to get the free version.

2. We Transfer

We LOVE this tool. Send up to 2 GB files to whoever you want instead of emailing them. It's great for sending large before and after photos, videos or any other gigantic file that email providers keep kicking back. Send the file to anyone, FREE. Check it out at https://www.wetransfer.com/we

3. Google Drive

The facilities maintenance industry thrives on collaboration, but how do you get a team of people on the same document or spreadsheet? Google docs. Simply create a file inside of Google Docs, share it with whoever needs it, and export it to the Microsoft version when you are done. You can literally work on the same file as another person in real-time and see what they are changing. It's amazing for creating new systems and procedures documents or instructions for your contractors. Sign in with your Google account at http://drive.google.com

4. Appear.in

If you have ever wanted an easy way to have a video conference with your team without having to download anything then this tool is absolutely what you have been looking for. Just go to http://appear.in and create a room. Share the link. When your team clicks the link, they "appear in" your room. And...it's free. The only catch is you need Google Chrome (our favorite), Firefox, or Opera for it to work. (Bonus: If you have not already switched to Google Chrome, you should.)

5. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is for making surveys. You might be thinking, "How can surveys help me with my job in the facilities maintenance industry?" Well...I'll tell you. This free tool lets you ask a lot of people the same questions. Are you updating your vendor profiles? Send them a survey and ask? Are you making a lunch run for your team? Survey them to find out what they want. The possibilities are endless. We use surveys for onboarding contractors and getting feedback on new features and development. Send up to 10 questions to 100 people for free. The site is https://www.surveymonkey.com/.

6. FM Dashboard

Okay, this is not completely true. FM Dashboard is not free, but we do let you test drive our maintenance management and work order automation tool for free to see if it fits. Interested? Sign up for a free demo.