3 Things Every Facilities Maintenance Manager Wants (and isn't getting)


Hey contractors! There are 3 things every chain stores facilities maintenance manager wants from his or her contractors. Seriously. If you do these well you win in the form of happy customers and repeat business. Get it wrong...well, you know the drill.dude getting punchedSo how do I know these 3 secret things? I asked. These 3 things are so simple in their concept, but require excellent systems and processes by a contractor to pull off.

Every facilities maintenance manager wants great communication.

Communication is at the core of teamwork and relationship, but so many contractors keep their customers in the dark. You should run your account management team through this motto: If your customer is asking you for an update, you are not doing your job.

If your customer is asking you for an update, you are not doing your job.

As a contractor you tend to think, as long as I am taking care of the work I am being asked to do, my customer should be happy. This is wrong. The fact is, your customer has a boss they answer to, and they don't want their answer to be I don't know. Arm them with information. Tell them good news fast and bad news faster.Communication is the #1 pain point between facilities maintenance managers and their contractors. Build excellent communication into your systems and processes.

Every facilities maintenance manager wants excellent follow through.

You would be amazed at how many work orders get lost and forgotten about. A work order comes over and it gets lost in email land, the paperwork  gets lost, or a work order is rescheduled and forgotten about. Follow through is important for very obvious reasons.But, follow through is not just about getting the job done right. Let's face it. Errors will be made by the best contractors. The other side of follow through is this: What do you do when you mess up?

What do you do when you mess up?

Contractors, your company's character shows up in the face of a mistake. Facilities maintenance managers are paying close attention. What are you going to do?

Every facilities maintenance manager wants to be invoiced quickly.

You are in business to make money. You have to invoice to get paid. Still, facilities maintenance managers will tell you most contractors have difficulty submitting invoices in quickly. A former boss used to preach, "The hardest part of doing a job is finishing it."What he means is, getting the actual work done is the easy part. Closing out all of the processes to get paid is more complicated.Figure out how to get invoices in quickly. Your customers will love you for it.

So, what's at stake?

Your business. Contractors, this industry is full of opportunity, and there are some many service providers doing a bad job, it's easy to shine.The solution to consistently perform well for your customers is organization. It's in the way you set up your account management team. It's the way you free your account managers' time to proactively provide customer service. It's the way you batch and automate repetitive tasks to stay on top of your workload. It's the way stay on top of paperwork so you always have what your customer needs to pay you.The most organized contractors can be the most helpful. The most helpful contractors win.Do you agree with what we are saying? You should check out our software.Click here to schedule your demo