3 Reasons To Create Your Facilities Department Now

There are a multitude of reasons to go ahead and get organized when it comes of facilities. Here are 3 of those reasons.87H

You will save money.

Retail and restaurant chains with an effective facilities maintenance program in place spend 15% - 35% less on maintenance repairs than those who don't. For some companies, this is the equivalent of paying for an extra part-time employee at each company location. Over spending is a result of disorganization, unqualified contractors, paying for repairs which should be covered under warranty, disorganization, requiring a quote for every repair not matter the size, and under maintained equipment.

Systems are easier to teach to small groups.

Changing the behavior associated with your company culture and habits is difficult no matter the size of your company. However, the task becomes more challenging with each individual team member you add. Most operations departments leave facilities as an afterthought because they don't believe they have the time or money to invest in putting a proper facilities maintenance program in place. Or, they just don't think about it altogether.

You will build facilities maintenance consciousness into your culture.

You have heard the adage, "What is measured is improved?" The opposite is true with what is ignored. The largest areas of company waste are the same areas which are given little attention. Build a facilities maintenance consciousness into your organization early on. Get as many people as you can involved with the planning. Create buy in and ownership over the process. You will see the reward as you watch your per location facilities maintenance costs reduce over the next months and years.