3 Questions To Consider When Choosing an Asset Management Tool


It's a quick post today as we are gearing up for PRSM2014. For those of you who have already signed up to see an in-person demo, I look forward to it. For those who have not, there is still time. Click here to schedule an in-person demo.

tangled wiringChoosing software or web applications for your facilities maintenance program is a big decision. You will be investing a large amount of time into the endeavor, so choose wisely. These are the 3 questions we encourage you to answer for yourself before choosing an asset management tool.

  1. How much are you currently spending on facilities maintenance, and how much do you want to reduce that amount? Your application should help you reduce your spend. We believe if there is any talk about savings, the application you choose should have a guarantee behind it.
  2. Are your current systems for managing your assets and work orders going to scale as you grow, or do you need to seek more efficient ways of managing assets and work orders? Software applications are only a piece of the puzzle. You also need to look at your work flow systems and be open to adapting to new tactics and industry best practices. Be wary of an application that can be customized exactly the way you need it because it may just end up creating more work for you.
  3. How much human capital are you able to put in place for your facilities? (The less people you have, the more automation you need.) This is a big one. Most facilities maintenance departments want you to do more work with less people. Is the application you are looking at reducing the amount of work through automation? Or...is it just giving you one more place to enter the same data.

I encourage you to think through your decision. Don't let an ever expanding list of features distract you from what you really need out of an asset management and work order software tool.